DR Ofweneke celebrity being sober for a month

Dr. Ofweneke
Image: Instagram

Former comedian turned TV show host, digital content creator and emcee Dr. Ofweneke is heartily celebrating a full month of sobriety.

The father of 2 took to his socials to share the huge achievement while recounting his struggles with liquor.

Sharing a photo of him looking stellar in a nude coat adorned with gold buttons paired with a white shirt and black pants while donning black sunglasses.

Captioning the post, Ofweneke shared how he used to consume a lot of alcohol daily but had found a way of beating his addiction and finding himself spiritually.

"From consuming an average of 2 whiskey bottles a day to celebrating my first month of being sober today," started the father of 2 as he announced his decision to join the teetotaler camp.

He went on to add that through tightening his relationship with God he had been able to beat his thirst for alcohol and was doing so much better

"My thirst has turned into spending time with God in prayer and worship, l no longer feel physical, being in the spirit 24 hours and enjoying the presence of God and hearing from him is too sweet. My addiction to spending time with God is growing crazy everyday.

Thank you Aba for choosing to be among the army to fight for the kingdom in these last hour less,"the last of his post read.

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