19 celebs we would want in Wajackoyah's government

Celebs Wajackoya should include in his government

• Wajackoyah rose to fame for championing the legalization of weed.

• He is also advocating for the sale of hyena testicles.

Presidential candidate Wajackoya in club tunnel
Wajackoyah roots party Presidential candidate Wajackoya in club tunnel

The 2022 general elections are around the corner. Among those who have aroused the interest of Kenyans is none other than Roots Party Candidate Wajackoyah.

If Wajackoyah was to win the elections and become President who would we love to see make up his government? Below is my list;

  • Eric Omondi- Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government.

Eric would make a good coordination boss because he is outspoken and is never shy to share his ideas whether needed or not.

  • Rev Lucy Natasha- Ministry of Defence 

In case you haven't seen Natasha's bodyguards alias 'security' personnel then you should check them out.

Natasha knows all too well that security starts with you hence she would do a good job protecting us.

  • KRG The Don -The National Treasury and Planning

For a guy who allegedly spends hundreds of thousands per day, KRG would do a good job planning our finances.

Furthermore, he is used to living a soft life hence he wouldn't be too 

  • Bien (Sauti Sol) -Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bien is the self-proclaimed chairman of the bald men association, meaning he has influence worldwide and that is important for the job.

  •  Nameless- Ministry of Industry, Trade & Co-operatives

Truth be told, Nameless wouldn't have been in the industry all this long if he wasn't industrious.

So it would be nice to give him his roses while he is still around.

  • Janet Mbugua- Ministry of Health

The ex-TV host has always been vocal about women's health. This she does through Iuua Dada Foundation.

The foundation provides sanitary pads for needy girls.

  • Stephen Letoo- Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Irrigation. 

Coming from a Nomadic background, Letoo has the experience to handle this department perfectly.

  • Maina KageniMinistry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, and Public Works.

In case you did not know the celebrated radio King is the current ambassador of Temebea Kenya.

Tembea Kenya is a project by the Kenyan government to help promote tourism.

  • Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill)- Ministry of Devolution.

The celebrated comedian is all-rounded hence he can easily get suited for this role.

  • Kush Tracey- Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT)

She is well-spoken and tech-savvy, something that is needed for this job.

  • Dennis Oliech- Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage.

Having represented Kenya in football for years. He knows too well the challenges sportsmen go through.

  • Khaligraph Jones- Ministry of Education

Having grown up in a humble background, The OG knows too well what it is to suffer. He would empathize with needy students and champion their well-being.

  • Oga Obinna- Ministry of East African Community (EAC) and Regional Development

Being among Kenya's 'Father Abrahams' Obinna would handle this job well.

We love how vocal Murugi is on social media hence her outspoken nature would come in handy for the job.

  • Vera Sidika- Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

This is one of the roles that need no explanation.

  • King Kaka- Ministry of Water and Sanitation

No such explanations, he just deserves the job.

  • Akothee- Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning

She is just a good planner.

  • Wahu- Ministry of Energy

The girl is smart and that is what the MInistry needs.

  • Fena Gitu- Ministry of Petroleum and Mining

Being the flag bearer of the Roots Party, the 62-year-old unveiled a 10-point manifesto to Kenyans. Below are some of his ideas that captured nationwide attention;

  • Introduction of 8 Prime Ministers
  • Death penalty to the corrupt
  • Suspension of the constitution.
  • Legalising of marijuana (bhang)
  • Reduce official working days to four
  • One year maternity leave for expectant Women
  • Upscale snake farming
  • Relocating capital from Nairobi to Isiolo

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer's own. Do you agree or disagree?

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