'I don't like to brag,' Wajackoyah says about fleet of his expensive cars

George Wajackoya has a Bentley said to cost about sh38million

• The Roots party candidate has cars in Britain and the USA.

• The cheapest car he owns is an old Toyota Corolla he bought as his first car.


Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has a fleet of vehicles. The aspiring politician told comedian 2mbili that he has several cars in Kenya, but a majority are in UK and US.

"Magari zingine sisemi because they are in America and Britain."

The details were shared on the YouTube show Celeb Ride hosted by content creator 2mbili. Wajackoyah refused to mention the type of cars insisting that, "Hapana it will look like I am bragging."

But recently, Wajackoya posted a Bentley online and everyone could not keep calm.

The price was estimated at sh38milllion, and when asked to confirm the price and its ownership, Wajackoya said, "Wachana hizo juu people will say I'm a joker. Let me remain stay being a joker."

The Roots party candidate rides around Nairobi campaigning in a white SUV Lexus 570. The Lexus is equivalent to the cost of one of his watches which he claims costs about sh 18 million.

He has another flashy Landcruiser and Prado. He uses 18 cars for campaigning.

"For me, cars don't really matter a lot. I have a fleet of vehicles. I also collect jewelry, gold, but those things are just a hobby. Even my kids don't really see it as anything. My son just bought another car the other day, he bought a GMC."

The candidate also told that one of the rings he currently wears daily costs more than the mentioned watch.

"I don't want to come off as a brag," he reiterated. 

2mbili then assured him that he wasn't bragging, "The moment you are running for the top seat in the country it's enough bragging."

Wajackoyah didn't agree saying, "Well I am not in that school of thought and I also don't wear those things you call bling bling. Those are cheap things made in Dubai they are not even Gold Ral Gold you can't bling."

His most valuable ride? "I have a small car known as Denali, it's in the US, they only manufactured a few it's not that much, it's about mmmhhh Sh 38million. My cheapest ride is my 1998 Toyota Corolla it's my best car because it is cheap to run it takes me where I want it doesn't give me that attention it makes people call me a joker coz that's the car I have been using. Sometimes utanikuta kwa matatu."

Wajackoyah bought his first car from an insurance payment he got as a result of an accident. "I had an accident with Mawingu Bus services, in Nakuru. They paid me and I bought a small car and a piece of land. The land was 7,000 shillings."

Out of his car collection, I like all my cars. I love everything that I have." One thing people don't know about Wajackoyah?

He also loves Kibera-born singer Stivo Simple Boy.

Wajackoya admitted, "Oh I love that boy. In fact, I want to elevate him the same way I have done to Bahati. He's like my son He comes to see me here He is my client, yeah I love Freshi Barida, for nothing I want to give him my international platform. I will do legal work for free."

He said this is to ensure he is not robbed financially of his earnings eg trademarks etc. He will also help market him to an international audience because Wajackoyah has connections.

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