•Boni  Khalwale has yet another child joining Primary school

•Khalwale has elicited mixed reaction

Former Ikolomani MP Boni halale in Parliament
Boni khalwale Former Ikolomani MP Boni halale in Parliament

Former Ikolomani Mp Boni Khalale is the but* of jokes online after revealing he has another child joining  Grade one.

A second child was also admitted into form one.

'Day one in Form One! A happy Melissa Khamwenyi Khalwale takes the first stride'

The vocal leader on his Twitter account informed KOT that 'Grade one! Ellen Khahondo Khalwale after insisting her mother calls me so that she could tell me about her new school. Children are God's message that ours is a world without end.'

The child was admitted on May 5th, 2022.

Kenyans hilariously responded to it branding him 'father Abraham'

@CodenameDelf joked that 'Wewe ndio baba wa taifa' while @Jemedari_B said 'The GOAT, "and may thee multiply and feel the world.... " took it literally;

Another KOT  @peternnjenga·22hWah! How many wives does he have??? I can't keep up with the children I have seen. He has children joining school, leaving primary, joining secondary school, leaving secondary, joining university and leaving university. '

@LokroRaoSports 'Kwani mbegu zake zinakuja na fertiliser gani. In such a scenario 90% ni kuchezwa'

One Kenyan noted about Khalwale's fatherhood.

@BluemoonArch 'Khalwale has never asked anyone to help raise any of his children. He is one of the most responsible fathers in Kenya. Some fellows here are deadbeat fathers and others specialise in abortions but you are busy throwing stones at a person that should get state recommendation!'

It is said that every year, Mr Khalwale always has a child joining High School and Primary School. He also always announces the good performance of his children during the release of KCPE and KCSE.


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