• While dating Benpol, Anerlisa had said she would get children after marriage. 

• A fan said Anerlisa is getting older and should get a baby. 

Anerlisa Muigai smiling
Image: Instagram

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai is getting questions on when she will get a baby. 

On social media, a fan identified as Charles Githinji asked the 34-year-old about her plans of being a mother. 

According to the fan, Anerlisa was getting older and it is high time she gets children.

"When are you planning on getting babies? Unazeeka. ( you are getting old)," he asked Anerlisa.

Anerlisa has in the past made headlines in matters about her relationship. 

Anerlisa calmly stated that she was not even aware when she will sire children for herself.

"Ata sijui. (I also don't know)" She responded.

The Keroche heiress has kept her relationship private since breaking up with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. 

Recently, she unveiled her new man, whom she met in June 2021, just a few weeks after her divorce from Benpol. 

When she dated Benpol, the Keroche heiress had expressed the desire to have children after their marriage.

In a Q and A session then, she said;

"When are you planning to have babies with Ben?” asked a fan, and Anerlisa responded saying, “Definitely after marriage.” 

She also affirmed that she will have as many kids as she can because she loves children.

"Ofcourse as many as I can."

After breaking up with Benpol, she advised young girls not to rush to give birth but take their time. She said having kids is a commitment, and women should think wisely before deciding to have any.

"Dear Young GirlsThe Keroche Breweries heiress, Do not get kids with somebody you are not sure about. You can date, get engaged etc, but kids? That's a whole a** commitment. Rather your partner leaves you because you are not sure about having kids than be forced to it. That's just my opinion, and others have different views," she said.

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