• 'Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Itabidi wazoee.' - Millicent Omanga on her love for dancing

Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga
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Nominated Senator has responded to critics who are constantly castigating her over her dancing technique.

Not once nor twice has Omanga been trolled over what many terms twerking whether on her socials or during political rallies.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni she said

"I love dancing so I do not understand what is wrong with me doing so, even my mum loves dancing.

Even my fans know that I love dancing. It is God who created me the way I am, his work is perfect. We should change the notion that women should not be allowed to let loose.

There is nothing to tone down, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Itabidi wazoee!!!"

Omanga also responded to claims that she is used by political parties in the role of  'flower girl' to attract followers, especially men.

"When you see people writing that they are mostly my opponents. They would do anything to demean and intimidate me.

My party takes me seriously just like everywhere else. Millie Odhiambo also dances so why don't people question her. Even if I yawned today people would complain. There is nothing you can do that will please your opponent.

Some people just hate you yet they have never met you. Only objective people can understand me," she added.

Defending herself she said, "I have helped return stolen shambas to their owners. Yet no one talks about that."

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