7 tips for being a great guest

A grateful guest always brings their host a gift,something small would actually go a long way


• Avoid being on the phone screen for too long when in the company of your hosts.

• They might feel like they're boring you and honestly you might be boring them instead.

Much has been written on the art of hosting and less on being a guest. There is more to being a good house guest than just being nice and doing your part to help out.

Family members shouldn't think they are exceptional as guest manners are called for, even when you stay with relatives.

Here are some tips that increase your chances of being an appreciated guest;


Ensure you notify your host first before getting them off guard. When visiting you should also ensure that you go alone.

Bringing a pet,your significant other or even a friend wouldn't really show a good picture unless you've cleared it with your host beforehand as this would just come with it's own inconveniences that you can actually avoid.


A grateful guest always brings their host a gift, something small would actually go a long way. It doesn't really mean bringing them a whole supermarket but even a small shopping of maybe milk,bread,sugar would do.

This also applies when visiting your parents and your in-laws as well. How do you walk at your parent's house empty handed.

Ironically some are fond of carrying food stuff from their parent's house and didn't bring even a packet of milk,that would be discourteous.

If you know your host's personality well then you could get them what they actually like for instance  a bottle of wine,flowers,chocolates etc.

You might also be considerate to grab some snacks or toys for the children if you are sure there are any. Don’t exceed your budget and remember that a gift is not a competition,it comes from the heart.


Ensure you tell your host the duration of your stay in advance at their invitation, of course. Don't extend your stay once you arrive.

If there's a chance they might extend an offer,well and good but don't make assumptions.If you have visited during the day don't make a decision of wanting to spend the night as they might feel you as a burden.

Maybe in a case of looking for an extra bed and probably their is none or counting yourself in being part of their dinner and probably they just had enough for themselves.


Avoid being on the phone screen too much as this will make your hosts feel like they're boring you and honestly you might be boring them instead.

It makes your company feel like there's somewhere else you'd rather be, or someone else you'd rather be spending time with and yet you went to visit them so that you could actually be bonding and catching up.

Try to limit screen time and only check emails, texts, and social media in the privacy of your own room.


Volunteer to do something during your stay. Don't just lazy around by sitting whole day watching TV or lying on the bed.

Unhelpful guests are rarely invited back. There are number of things that you can help with like doing the dishes,prep or cooking meals,cleaning up the house among others.

It would be better trying and turned down at the end of the day they will have appreciated your effort than just staying idle.

Although there are some things that are of general knowledge and require common sense like clearing the dishes from the dining table as soon as people are done eating,making your bed when you wake up etc.


Leave the place cleaner than you found it. Wipe out any marks left on the dressing table, ensure the bathroom is free of any soap foams on the wall and sink basin is free of any toothpaste or shaving cream residue.

Ensure there are no loose hair or nails on the floor and remove the bedding you used during your stay unless stated otherwise.

It would also be wise if you emptied the room bin. This will prevent your hosts from being disgusted and having them call a cleaner immediately after you're out.


Some behaviors would actually make your hosts to never want seeing you in their house again. Be decent enough to wear clothes that will not make your hosts feel uneasy you being around them.

Cover yourself more descent when visiting the bathroom across your room like a robe instead of a towel. Be mindful of the kids and also the opposite gender.

Be kind to use friendly language than using cursing words and being rude when responding. If not sure about something make an effort of seeking help before tampering with property and end up destroying.

Ask how they operate,for example  in the morning;if its fine to go take breakfast with pajamas on or showering first then dine in for the morning meal.

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