• Maxi dresses brings out a cool persona and laid-back vibe.

• A black dress is versatile because it can be paired up with anything.

Governor Anne Waiguru slaying in a yellow dress top and black trousers
Governor Anne Waiguru slaying in a yellow dress top and black trousers
Image: Instagram

Dresses are one of the most important pieces of clothing in a woman's closet; this is because they are feminine, easy to pair, and fast to wear.

Picking out a dress to wear for an occasion can be hectic as there are many options but there are a few dresses that are a must-have in your closet. Here are five types of dresses that every woman should have to be ‘complete’.

1. Shirt dresses

A shirt dress has a collar and buttons running down making it a unique piece from the rest of the dresses.

This dress is a classic outfit that will never run out of fashion. A shirt dress would look cool and fashionable worn at brunch with friends.

2. Maxi dress

Having a maxi dress in your closet is essential to a woman, this is the type of dress that brings out a cool persona and laid-back vibe.

It is long and flowy that you won't require to shave your legs that are if it doesn't have a slit.

There are different designs that you can pick from some have long arms, sleeveless, slits, and many more; you can pick out floral if that's what you like. You can wear them on a sunny day or springtime.

3. A black dress

A black dress is a must-have because it can be paired in different styles to fit an occasion.

Depending on the cut one can style differently for a day and night.

A black dress can be paired with sneakers when going out to an event like a concert or a show and still look fashionable; one can also wear it to a date night just pair it with some nice pair of heels.

4. Cocktail dress

When you need a dress that is perfect for an evening event like a fundraiser or a wedding then a cocktail dress is the perfect one for you. This type of dress is semi-formal it has the perfect balance between elegant and comfortable it doesn't have to be too long a knee-high length would still look perfect and very chic.

5. Slip dress

A slip dress is a lightweight dress that can be worn as an undergarment, it has straps that are spaghetti-like and the fabric used is silky.

This type of dress is best worn in the summer or spring season since it's very light but if you would love to wear it in the winter/cold season all you have to do is pair it with a nice turtleneck or a nice overcoat.

You can wear a slip dress to date at any time of the day or night and still look sassy.

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