• Kelvin Kinuthia says his fans would get bored if he decided to act in his videos as a male character.

• Kinuthia says he cannot stop cross-dressing as it is what puts food on the table for him.

Kelvin Kinuthia
Tikitok star Kelvin Kinuthia

Kenyan Tik Toker Kinuthia caused a frenzy online after sharing his ID on social media confirming he was born in 2001.

People online have always assumed Kinuthia's sexuality because of his cross-dressing videos on social media.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, he said,

"I was just posting to clarify because I have been bullying. People say I do not look my age. People body shame me because I am big-bodied, they assume that my body should be proportional to my age.

I was even told that I had taken a fake ID and posted it, and I was asked to bring my birth certificate. If someone is not contented then there is nothing I can do about it."

Tiktoker Kevin Kinuthia ID
Image: Instagram

Kinuthia went on to confirm that he is a male saying, "I am male, I cannot do the things I do because of people. Most of the deals I got are because of the female character I play so I cannot change. I do what I do because it is my job. I have never said I am not a guy."

Kelvin had in the past refused to whether he is male or intersex. Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the popular cross-dresser said he loved to look like a woman.

"I am my mom's son in a family of three. I am the last born in our family, the others are sisters," he said.

"I always admired women who wore makeup, I wanted to look good in makeup. I would wear my mom's clothes at a young age."

Asked if his mum had a problem with that, Kinuthia said she didn't have an issue.

"She is happy about it even now. I lost my dad when I was young. My mum stepped in the gap and the only time I felt affected was in school when I would be asked about my dad."

Kinuthia wears makeup, wigs, high heels and markets the female dresses that he rocks on his Instagram and due to this, people assume he is gay.

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