'I'm happy for her' Sam West reacts to ex-wife Vivian finding a new bae

The couple had been together for more than 5 years.

• Vivian has since moved on and is currently dating someone else.

• The reason for their breakup was never made public.

He says he is happy she has moved on.
Sam West and his ex wife Vivianne. He says he is happy she has moved on.

Motivational speaker Sam West says he is happy his ex-wife Vivian has found love after she introduced her new bae.

Speaking to Mpasho.Co.Ke, he shared

" I didn't know, kumbe people have moved on?

It's good she has moved on, It is  good when people are happy. The most important thing is joy."

How long should one stay before moving on?

"It depends on the person.

The recommended time is 2/3 years for one to heal. Otherwise the same mistakes you made in the first relationship will crop up.

People are however different."

According to Vivian, Sam West dumped her over undisclosed reasons.

“As adults, life is about choices. Everyone has a choice to be with who they want to be with. The person I was with decided to leave and there was nothing I could do.” Vivian  confessed.

Vivian recently introduced a mysterious man, months after her breakup with Sam West.

Vivian shows off her new bae after partying ways with her husband Sam West.

Through her Instagram, the mother of one shared a photo of a man saying that God had brought him her way.

"God brought you my way ❤️.

Mpasho.co.ke reached out to Vivian for comment but her mobile phone was busy.

Vivian later told Buzzroom Kenya that she did not plan or wish her marriage with Sam West to hit a dead end, but her ex maintained it was the fairest decision.

"My ex said he was being logical," Vivian said.

Briefly describing her newfound love, Vivian said they are currently living a quiet life, hoping on God to build their union.

"My life has not been easy. I deserve a good life and happiness. My audience doesn't want to see me hurting forever.

The man in the picture is dear to me. Neither he nor I is perfect, but we love each other, we apologize and forgive quickly. Hatuna maneno sana, we're living life and God is the center," Vivian told BRK.

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