Should one talk to an ex? Sam West shares smart relationship tips

One should set boundaries if still communicating with an ex

• How you broke up matters a lot in determining whether you will keep in communication with your ex or not.

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Have you ever had an ex who you can't stop communicating with? We all have that one ex, and we also have an ex who we wish would disappear from our life.

Motivational speaker Sam West now says keeping in touch with an ex shouldn't be a death sentence. 

"Some people break up so that they can work on themselves separately and then come back together. Some work on themselves and then move on.

Keeping in communication with an ex requires maturity. It also depends if you had kids and property together."

Sam however warned that if a relationship is toxic one should run and never look back.

"If the relations were toxic I advise you block each other. Your life is more important than your relationship. Block that person, go mute and let every one of you go their separate ways."

Sam advises that couples should normalize mature breakups.

Below are things you should consider before;

Prepare in advance, and practice what you want to say.

If you are communicating over email or text, keep emotion out of your messages, and stick to the point.

You could set up a separate email or phone account for your ex, so that you can choose when you look at any messages that come in.

Below are some of the things you should avoid talking to your ex about

  • Details About Your New Sex Life. ...
  • What Your Ex Did To "Hold You Back" ...
  • All The Ways You Could Have Saved The Relationship.
  • How Your New Relationship Is So Perfect. 
  • All The Ways Your Current SO Is Better.
  • Anything That Might Open A Closed Door.

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