'Its better to marry late than to marry wrong' Warns Sam West

Sam West is currently single.

• Sam West parted ways with his musician wife Vivian in early 2022.

• The now ex-couple had no kids between them.

The two broke up in 2022.
Sam West and Vivian during happier times The two broke up in 2022.

Motivational speaker Sam West says it's better to marry late than to marry wrong.

He was reacting to advice by Senior Citizen TV Editor, Stephen Letoo who told Kenyans not to waste much time if the first date doesn't look promising.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen Digital, He shared

"In life, you must walk faster. If something is not working, don't waste too much. Go do something if it calls you back, you can change and come back," he said.

Letoo added that life evolves even when one is pursuing a lady for a relationship.

According to him, once a woman rejects a man on their first date, the man should stop wasting his money and time on that woman and instead try a different woman.

"If the first date, the person doesn't cooperate, don't keep pushing that life. Accept and move on. Don't waste your time in one space, the person who embraces you on the first date, songa na yeye.

"Don't waste your time chatting with someone who is not cooperating with you," he said.

Sam West disagreed with his sentiments saying;

" My friend Come slow. It's better to marry late than to marry wrong,"  warned Sam accompanying his message with a walking away emoji.

The message left many wondering if Sam was speaking from his own experience given he has since parted ways with his bae Vivian.

The couple parted ways in 2022.

Letoo has a child with his baby mama Winnie Nadupoi with whom he parted ways with. Sources told Mpasho that the couple split amicably and is now co-parenting. 

The couple welcomed their baby in 2019, and that was the first time Letoo introduced Winnie as his bae. 

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