Singer Vivianne speaks about life after split

Vivianne gets candid about pain and healing

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The singer is trying her best to move on post-breakup.

• She has encouraging words for those in a similar position.

Image: Instagram

Vivianne is opening up about the pain and healing involved with divorce in the spotlight. Vivianne made headlines for her split from Sam West

She said there is no shame in starting again. Singer Vivianne has nothing but encouraging words for people going through a breakup.

The songbird in a note told that there's no denying the pain that accompanies a breakup.

The mother of one has said that she has gone through the blues and shares lessons learnt from the most devastating split.

"Shiba shiba kabisa first course of action after breakup. Ku process ni baadaye."

She added that it has been intense but filled with new friends

"Lost the house moved into a smaller one (next to mum).....embraced love and support....took personal responsiblitiy over my crap. New podcast....Back to college #thefarm #certifiedpsychologist....lost alll old friends....foudn new community and loving them better.....kept moving and stuill moving . You too can start again."

In 2020, Vivian and Sam West asked for prayers for their marriage saying social media had painted an image of perfect marriages.

“Social media couples have created illusions of perfect marriages which we feel are quite misleading.. To be honest we have ignored each other’s needs in our union.

Expectations and control took over our relationship. We are in a tough space and to be honest we are hoping we will overcome the current challenge. Hii sio Kiki. For those who love even one of us remember us in your prayers. May Gods will be done. In the meantime ukipata unayemdhamini never take them for granted,” wrote Vivian.

Sam and Vivian announced their split in October this year, after months of speculation that they were no longer together.

Vivian says she will reveal more details on her upcoming Extended Play (EP).

“There is a lot that transpired which I will address in my EP.”

In a witty social media post Sam hinted that had he stayed in the relationship longer, he might have ended up dead due to stress.

"I don't blame Murife, sometimes a man has to run or flee like Joseph. Otherwise he will die."

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