'The fare I spent was more than the salary,' Daddie Marto says about first job

Actor Daddie Marto opens up about expanding his family and marital advice

• Martin also spoke about getting a vasectomy. 

• Martin explained to Mpasho how he has landed all his acting roles.

The actor has revealed the amount he earned as his first salary
Daddie Marto. The actor has revealed the amount he earned as his first salary
Image: Instagram

County 49 actor Martin Githinji aka Daddie Marto has opened up about many facets of his life in an exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondou Musyimi.

During the interview, Martin disclosed how grateful he was to have his career so far and also revealed his first salar ever.

"My first salary for a play it was set books I spent ten thousand bobo for fare from thika to Nairobi in 2005, every single day I was coming from thika to Nairobi, Thika to Nairobi. Dare was 10k in total and I was paid 6k. . So what then can I say my salary was?"

Laughing Daddie Marto added, "Nashindaga kuhesabu hiyo. My first salary was a minus. but the perseverance and the patience to do that job is what has led me to do the things that I've done and where I am right now. It took time but it repaid itself."

Daddie Marto is also on the Trend show on NTV every Friday co-hosting alongside Amina Rabar. Has he ever said anything on air that landed him in trouble?

"Why are you asking questions that you already have answers to? Kalondu you are setting me up," he complained while smiling.

But Kalondu was persistent and the actor finally agreed to share saying,

"You just want me to say I'm the only person that was ever sent for a lawyer at Nation Media Group because of something I've said? Sawa I've said next question? Si we move on. Let's not dwell on that point ilihappen imehappen, lets move on," he said as he chuckled.

What exactly did he say on air that landed him in such trouble? He wouldn't say. Watch the interview below;

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