How Daddie Marto and his wife almost lost their son


• The nurses were so scared. waliturukisha line and took us directly to the doctor-Christine lwanga

Daddie Marto with his wife, Christine
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This week, Kenyan celebrity couple Daddie Marto and his wife Christine Frankie spoke about a traumatic incident they went through in the past.

Using their YouTube channel, MaNaPaTau Chronicles, Lwanga explained that she had noticed her son was not OK but her husband didn't believe her.

"We noticed our son was not feeding like he used to. I told my husband about it but he did not believe it. I looked like the crazy person in our house. It hurt me when he didn't believe me nor take my concerns seriously."

Defending himself Marto says he assumed his wife was just tired.

'I thought my wife was just tired so I decided to take the baby so that she can rest. The funny thing is when the house help and I fed the baby he ate, so that was a bit confusing considering what my wife was saying."

Lwanga says things got worse by the time the baby was around 5/6 weeks,

"At around 5 weeks he was tired, I tried spoon-feeding him, I even started giving him food with a syringe but nothing was working.

When we took him to the doctor they suspected he had acid reflux so they suggested we go through tests. When the chest specialist saw him he asked whether I was taking milk, to which I responded yes. He told me to go off milk for 10 days."

When visiting the random baby clinic, baby Frankie threw up and that is when things went way hire.

"The baby threw up bile, it was so bad, his lungs were so full of mucus, his oxygen levels were so low. The nurses were so scared. waliturukisha line and took us directly to the doctor. The doctor just listened to his chest once and had us admitted."

Marto added,

"God conspired with the universe to bring the right people from us. The doctor had come from seeing a patient who had the same symptoms and that is why she was able to diagnose him quickly. But we went through tests to confirm."

Marto added that losing their son would have been disastrous as his wife had seen the baby had a problem but he downplayed it saying she was an overthinker.

"He had Bronchiolitis. it is bronchitis for kids below 2 years. His lungs had been chewed properly. We almost lost our baby. She (my wife) saw it we just did not believe what it was she saw."

In conclusion, Lwanga says going through that experience is something she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy.

"It was so horrible, I was hopeless, I do not know how I remained sane."

The baby was admitted for 7 days.

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