It took me 4 hours to save Betty Kyallo's 7 accounts-Daddie Marto

Daddie Marto is the hero in Betty Kyallo's story

• The hackers had tried accessing Betty Kyallo's 7 accounts including her emails.

Daddie Marto and wife
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Daddie Marto has explained in detail what it took for him to save Betty Kyallo's Instagram from being hacked.

The account which has over 3 million followers was almost hacked, luckily Betty acted quickly.

“When Betty realised that there was something going off with her account, she immediately acted upon it.

Which is a thing a lot of people don’t do. So, her accounts were hacked. Her daughter’s account as well. She had difficulties in gaining access to her over 3 million followers,” he narrated.

Marto says having knowledge in IT made it easier for him to help the mother of one.

“There are security measures, unfortunately, she hadn’t put before that made it easier for the hackers to come through. But then that’s where people like me, who are inclined towards the tech side come in,” he added.

Admitting that it was an intense evening when he first received the call from Betty, Marto added that he managed to secure seven accounts in a span of 5 hours.

“I started rescuing her accounts from around 5 or 6 pm and I finished around 10 pm so it took me around 4 to 5 hours because for her it was a lot of accounts that they were trying to hack at the same time; her Facebook, her email, her company’s email, three company’s accounts, and then another extra email. So 7 accounts in total,” he said.

Betty had earlier taken to her social media to thank Marto for saving her accounts, saying she would have been devastated as it is where she earns her living.

The hackers had also tried to take over Ivanna's account to no avail. DJ Mo's daughter, Ladasha has been a victim before after her account got hacked.

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