Brenda Jons opens up on dating after saying she is no longer a lesbian

The YouTuber is an #endrapeculture advocate, having started a foundation to help victims of sexual assault.

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Just the other day, Brenda Jons revealed that she no longer identifies as a gay woman.

• Brenda Jons came out as a gay woman back in September 2021.

opens up about her dating life
Brenda Jons opens up about her dating life
Image: Instagram

Kenyan YouTuber Brenda Jons has addressed her relationship status after making it known that she no longer identifies with the Lgbtqi+ community.

In a YouTube video, Jons disclosed that currently she is single and not searching as she continues to discover herself more.

“Are dating? A fan asked.

“I feel that side of my life imekuwa tu inaexist tu…like niko tu. I have people seducing me but I have not given it much thought. Because I have been working on myself, my phase, my identity, my job, and my brand because last year when that scandal happened I lost so much and I have been trying to build myself again. So I am not dating at the moment. It’s a plain no,” Jons explained. 

What is your deal breaker in a relationship? Another fan asked.

She answered; "Dishonesty. If you are going somewhere just let me know, don’t make it feel like you are acting fishy,".

During the candid talk, Jons also touched on the first-ever pregnancy scare and how things went down.

According to the actress, she got her first pregnancy scare while in college.

who has talked about her dating life
Brendah Jons who has talked about her dating life
Image: Instagram

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare and how did you deal with it? a questioned was posed to her.

She replied; "Which girl in this world has never had a pregnancy scare? I was in my second year when I had a pregnancy scare.. I had this boyfriend (the Kakamega boyfriend) and was in the process of breaking up and I thought I was pregnant and got to a place I was like ‘Kama ni mtoto wacha akuje. I have never the people who want to abort…after a month my periods came,”.

She added, “I was like 20, and I did not want to have a baby at 20, I was not ready,".

At the same time, she explained why she no longer identifies as a gay woman.

Why did you remove the rainbow flags from your bio? A fan posed. 

Brenda replied; “That time of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it and I'm no longer in that phase.

She went on to say; "As humans, we grow every day, things change every day, we develop every day and discover ourselves every day. And with time, I am realizing that wasn’t my identity. It wasn’t who I am but more of a phase …I am not saying for everyone is a phase, am just saying my story,".

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