Raburu's best childhood memory will really surprise his dad

Willis Raburu told Mpasho he once washed toilets in a terrible experience

• Raburu dropped by the RAG offices for an interview.

• Raburu spoke about his worst job, what he is terrible at among other questions.

'No gym and alcohol,' Willis Raburu explains weight loss journey
'No gym and alcohol,' Willis Raburu explains weight loss journey
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During a QuickFire session with Mpasho's Kalondo Musyimi this week, Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu opened up about some aspects of his life that most don't know.

The fascinating tidbit is below;

What's your favorite meal?

"Chicken Biryani."

What was his biggest addiction?

Chicken Biryani (he said while giggling away at his answer)

Last time he used a matatu?

Wahh, ten years ago. I was leaving home for work

Last time he cried?

Yesterday. I was watching a movie. By the way I cried even at the Lion King. Me I'm a softie. That time the dad died saying 'help me, somebody, help me, and then Scar came out' it was very sad.

Favorite beverage?


What keep you up at night?

Watching movies. Right now there is one called End Game.

His favorite Tv show?

Ten over Ten

Raburu's favorite childhood memory?

Very funny. My dad was so strict, he never allowed us to break rules, so anytime I would pee outside I would feel it's an achievement. We had kokoto and I would pee then I would feel like yes. 

Most embarrassing moment?

Wow. There is a time that I forgot my belt at home and so because I realized at work, I had to use my tie and  to sort of be a belt. So I tied it but that was not the only wardrobe malfunction. So there I was talking to guests then as the guest is leaving he is telling me my zip is open, so the the Gold prized jewels were on display.

Worst job he has ever done?

Well I don't say it was a bad job, and I had volunteered it was in church there was a guest coming, I was cleaning the loo's. Lakini pia watu wa kanisa you know Jesus is watching the things they had left there! 

It was not very spiritual I did not say Amen or hallelujia. They did things. They manifested  in different ways. 

What's a job he would be absolutely horrible at?

Chef. A seafood chef. Because sijui crab isitoke hapa sijui lakini Octopus, pweza twapika we love it. Pweza inaongeza nguvu. but yes a seafood chef.

Watch the interview below;

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