• Gloria Kyallo and her boyfriend Ken Warui have been dating for almost 3 years.

• Ken will be featured on the sister's reality show Kyallo Kulture.

Sisters Mercy Kyallo, Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo
Sisters Mercy Kyallo, Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo
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Gloria Kyallo, Betty Kyallo's youngest sister has revealed that she isn't in a rush to get married despite being given a promise ring.

Gloria has been dating a guy named Ken Warui for almost 3 years. Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the mental health champion says she is still too young.

"I am not getting married before 35, I am still young. I don't want to think of being with someone right now. I am gonna be with Ken as long as I am happy if happiness ends, I will leave."


"I cannot force things. It would hurt but life must move on. We have never lied to each other, so when I say I don't want to get married it is coming from my heart."

Ken says he cannot force Gloria to marry him adding that he would compromise with her if things got to that level.

"I told her we do not have to necessarily get married. I am a cultural man and would want a ruracio and a big wedding but I think I can compromise because I know we can get lovely babies. I am very conservative and she makes me happy plus she is very happy."

Asked what she loves about Ken, Gloria shared,

"Ken is very kind and that is the first thing I go for in guys. Intelligence is a must, if we cannot have deep conversations we can't work. He is very humble and one thing about him is that he grounds me and that is something amazing he has in a man."

Gloria says she no longer wears her promise ring as it could no longer fit her fingers after she added weight.

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