How Daddie Marto saved Betty Kyallo's business


•Renowned Kenyan comedian Daddie Marto salvaged Betty's Instagram account with over 3 million followers.

Betty Kyallo posing
Media personality Betty Kyallo posing
Image: Courtesy

The sensational media personality Betty Mutei Kyallo is elated after Daddy Marto salvaged her IG account from hackers.

The mother of one revealed that the incident occurred two weeks ago which shook her to bits.

Breaking the news through her Insta stories, she said that the hackers targeted her official account, her daughter's, and businesses.

She stated that her daughter's account had already been hacked but thanks to Daddie Marto the account was retrieved.

Daddie Marto is a renowned Kenyan actor, content creator, and co-host working alongside Amina on the Trend a local TV show on NTV.

With his prowess in IT, Daddie Marto managed to retrieve all her accounts before the hacker had complete control over them.

The mother of one thanked Daddie for saving her "bread and butter" as she commended him for his great work.

Over the years, there has been an alarming number of Kenyan celebrities being targeted by hackers.

In some instances, hackers will demand a ransom to hand back the account or even share inappropriate content to tarnish your reputation.

Betty has joined the long list of Kenyan celebrities who have been victims of hacking.

Renowned celebrities like Milly Chebby, Pierra Maken, and Vera Sidika among others had the same experience as Betty.

Some of these accounts have been hacked with over a million views but only a few manage to retrieve their accounts.

Betty is among the lucky one as she managed to save her account with over 3 million followers.

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