Betty Kyallo responds after being told she's aging and unmarried

Betty Kyallo had to deal with an unpleasant comment on her comments section

• Betty Kyallo has had a long history of dealing with trolls and cyber-bullies.

• Betty Kyallo was recently castigated by a Kenyan for the fact that she wasn't married. 

looking good
Betty Kyallo looking good
Image: Instagram

A big part of being a celeb is dealing with learning how to deal with critics and trolls, something that Betty Kyallo had become adept at.

Yesterday was no different as the mother of one had to respond after a Kenyan had come 'incorrect' at her.

This was after Betty made an innocuous and light-hearted Instagram post, where she had posted an image of herself wearing a snug red dress while smiling at the camera.

Her light-hearted caption read, "Wewe huitwa Babe ama Ni jina yako ya kitambulisho? 😊 How ya'll doing?"

But the fan who goes by the name Big Samy decided to stir the Hornet's nest writing, "Miaka inasonga na huja oleka bado😂😂😂"  (The years are going but you're still unmarried)

But Betty had such a classy response showing the maturity that she has gained over the years dealing with such 'baiting' comments.

She facetiously told the man to continue aging for her, adding that she wasn't in a hurry. "Wewe endelea on my behalf. Sina haraka!" she wrote back.

Betty Kyallo's response
Image: Instagram

The way Betty retorted was a work of art. But how is she able to keep her cool despite the hateful comments?

In a long social media post she made on her Instagram page in August last year, the bubbly beauty explained saying,

“Learn to guard your heart. Many times I’m asked how I deal with trolls or haters and what I’ve learnt for the last 10 years of being a public figure is how to protect my heart and energy,” she wrote.

She added, 

I choose what I consume, I don’t read negative stories, or comments about myself plus my close Friends and family never send me things that would affect my spirit. It’s like a bubble. I also learnt the fact that not everyone has to like me?? I’m cool with that because the amount of love I get is super crazy. ❤️”

She concluded by stating that one should never let anyone put their expectations on you.

“Also never let people put crazy expectations on you. Gosh, you are human. You are allowed to be, live, be happy, feel sad, fail, rise, fall. It’s ok.”

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