Questions I've been asking my younger self - Janet Mbugua shares

• Janet shared a few questions she's been asking herself as she encouraged her over 1.3 million Instagram followers to also pick up the practice

Renowned media personality, author, and human rights activist Janet Mbugua

Renowned media personality, author, and human rights activist Janet Mbugua has shared a series of questions she will be tackling as she has conversations with her younger self.

Janet also touched on the importance of having such conversations with ourselves and their overall benefits.

The mother of 2 through her socials, posed some of the questions she has been mulling over in her healing journey. According to Janet, she has been asking her younger self a multitude of questions in a bid to heal all wounds within.

"Lately I have been having a lot of conversations with my younger self, I've been having many check-ins with her...with the little girl who had big dreams from a small corner of the world.

I'm asking her how her healing journey is coming along. Asking her, if she ever thought she'd be a mom to 2 beautiful boys, if she imagined she would be running a foundation and speaking on issues closer to her heart and if she has any regrets..." candidly shared the globally celebrated author in a video shared on her page.

Finishing up, the former news anchor highlighted she would be sharing answers to the above questions and a few more that she had in store over the weekend, as she asked her over 1.3 million Instagram users to join her as she tackled the topic.

She further encouraged them to pick up the trend of having conversations with their younger selves, as well as they soul searching and working on their individual journeys.

"Let us embrace having such conversations with ourselves, let us keep talking to our younger selves because they need a lot of healing and we owe them that," the mother of 2 opined.

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