Read Nameless's beautiful and poignant message to his younger self

Nameless is a qualified architect

• Nameless wishes he would not worry about making mistakes

• Nameless reminded his younger self to always keep his mind open and dedicated to the course 

Singer Nameless
Singer Nameless

Singer David Mathenge alias Nameless has reminisced about life's journey in a nostalgic letter to his 20-year-old self.

Speaking to Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi, Nameless reminded his younger self to always keep his mind open and dedicated to the course as things get better with time.

"There are many things I am looking at right now. There are some things in your 20s, you should be more confident in," he said.

Nameless said he was born a leader but being the lastborn in his family, he did not realise it yet.

"I would want to trust my instinct more and not worry too much about my future and also be more present so that I enjoy the moments more," he said.

Nameless also reminded his younger self not to be so strict as life has never been smooth and the best he can do is enjoy all the possibilities that life throws at him.

"I would tell myself to keep growing my self-awareness and reduce entitlement," he said.

He added that had he been aware of these things, he would do them more confidently. He would also not be afraid of making mistakes.

"I did things instinctively since I was not sure. Learning how to deal with mistakes is something I would tell my younger self since I used to fear making mistakes too much," he said.

"I would tell my younger self that it's okay to make mistakes coz that is how you learn, and understanding myself is very important."

Despite the challenges, Nameless said his greatest achievement is navigating a career that had no structure, had no training, and which he only relied on his instinct.

"I got into something that I had to learn on the way, and I look back and say in as much as I have not achieved as much as I would have loved, it's okay," he said.

He described the industry as that with judgemental people.

"I have made mistakes but being there to inspire others gives me more hope. I am looking for my purpose to help others through their journey," he said.

As a qualified architect, Nameless hopes to start practicing his career soon.

"I get to partner with people so I don't forget some things, but I will start concentrating on it now that I am getting older," he said.

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