Mama Olive pens a heartfelt letter to her younger self

In the letter the content creator opened up about her parents split and how deeply it affected

• Tatiana highlighted that her parents splitting caused her to be a troubled child in school

• She also hinted that she suffered with her body image and an incistent desire to be skinny

opens up about her rough childhood
Influencer Tatiana Karanja opens up about her rough childhood
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Tatiana Karanja, popularly known as Mama Olive in a deep letter to her younger self got candid about how growing up in a dysfunctional family affected her and the struggles she had to overcome to get to where she is.

The mother of three also touched on how she had body image issues and an inherent desire to be loved that clouded her younger self's judgment.

Tatiana finished off her letter by praising herself for growth and making it to motherhood despite constant moments of doubt.

Below is her letter of coming to consciousness:

Dear me, you’re young, your parents have split up after continuous fighting at home, you’re angry at the world but you don’t know what exactly you are feeling, you just know that you feel so much anger and you start to take it out on your friends at school.

You’re a teenager, your life goals at the moment are to be liked and to get skinny because skinny is the only way any boy will even notice you and of course what you want most is a boyfriend, all your friends have one and you think you’re missing out on all the “important and cool” things. 

You’re a bit older, still, a teen but you are out in the world following your dreams. 

You’re shy and secretly scared, scared you’re not good enough, scared that you’re in the space you’re in by mistake, scared someone will figure out the fraud you are and you will go back home having failed the career everyone told you not to go after, the career you told everyone you’ll succeed at, because of course everyone’s view of you is so important.

You’re a young adult, you’ve moved back home, found someone you think you love and get heartbroken in so many ways!

You’ve spent your teenage and adult life hating the way you looked and trying to be someone else, your mental health suffered as a result.

In many ways I feel like we needed to go through everything to get to where we are today and what I want to say is you are going to be so proud of yourself!

You have made it through some harshest seasons to come out stronger than you can ever imagine even though it doesn’t always feel like that!

You work hard for your family, for yourself and on yourself.

You are at a healthy space with ourself mentally and physically. You are no longer looking to please anyone else, you are no longer thinking about what anyone else thinks but yourself.

You are constantly working on yourself. I’m here to tell you that you may not have the exact life you had hoped to have by now, you have a better one!

Even though you still go through moments of doubt, you take up space, you own your space, you don’t sit at the table, you ARE the table! Keep your head up! I love you!

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