'Look at you, a village girl,' Kate Actress letter to younger self (Video)

Kate applauded her younger self for the far she had come

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• The letter to self is a feature on Netflix

• Kate was a wreck after she finished reading the letter

letter to younger self
Kate letter to younger self
Image: Instagram

Celebrated Kenyan Actress Catherine Kamau shared a heartfelt "Dear Self" letter on her latest Instagram post.

In the post, the mother of two recounted how far she had come and how she had overcome her unrelenting obstacles.

It read,

"Dear Kate, hey there, look at you, a village girl, I am so proud of you.

You are living the life you prayed for and fantasized about.

Look at you overcoming the self-sabotaging monster,  

Look at you owning your magic, you've come a long way.

You deserve everything happening to you, keep going, don't stop,

They are watching.

Love Kate."

Her fans were in the comment section spreading the love,

manassehknyagah: Love this 🔥🧡

iamatieno:This made me emotional❤️❤️ You are such a mentor to me yani❤️ The Sky is the limit for you.. 💯❤️

melissakiplagat;We are watching and cheering!!! #Queen👸🏾

kenyan_senorita: You're such an amazing soul Kate and one of the few women mentors I look up to in Kenya. This is so touching❤️❤️😍😍

wixandwaxke: No one can love you the way you love yourself ❤

maggy.wangechi: @kate_actress here cutting onions 😭🥺 girl clapping for you till it's my turn dear me I promise to make you proud, and we shall write a letter to ourselves saying we made it

nimah.qubo_: I just love you ❤️, I knew you’d cry, it’s always the dark days that see the light and you girl have seen your light

fionnah_georgez: I cried listening to this😩... Kate you've come a loong way and with no doubt you're a mentor to many young girls out here. Keep doing what you do Best. Be the pacemaker 💪💪❤️.

evon151990: 😢😢😢😢 the sky is your limit my favorite actress from 🇰🇪 my beautiful Joyce 😂Sending you a lot of love ❤️ from Liberia 🇱🇷

_puritydesigns_: This Soo emotional Yani ❤️. ,... I've just realized I'm Soo scared of writing a letter to myself😢❤️

maurineandayi27:😍true the way you motivate me Aki ,may God continue to surround you,and kindly check your dm,Aki nilikutafuta saana kama pesa 😂

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