Janet Mbugua educates Kenyans on the problematic 'unholy trinity'

• The mother of 2 highlighted she'd come across the unholy trinity through various platforms that she has been consuming.

Janet Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Renowned media personality, author, and human rights activist Janet Mbugua is asking people to learn to shed off conventional rules set by society especially when it comes to their private lives.

Posting on her Instagram feed, the philanthropic mother of 2 touched on how society's expectations instill shame and guilt on people which leads to judgement and disruption of people's normal lives.

"There is something I have been grappling with...it is called the unholy trinity, it entails shame, guilt and judgement... that is an unofficial name for it," started the former multi-award winning journalist.

"I think when you go through things especially outside society's linear path of life expectations/ milestones, it is met with shame and judgement. More so for women.

For example, 'you are no longer married,' there is judgement from society and then there's the shame you carry. Or 'Oohh you are co-parenting?' it feels people with a guilt and we don't talk about it enough because people even feel embarrassed to bring it up.

The only reason I can talk about it is because it is something that so many people are navigating and I have been watching so many platforms that talk about this and it gives you so much validation when you realize it is global," the mother of 2 went on to candidly narrate.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua

Captioning the post, the former news anchor went on to encourage her over over 1.3 million Instagram followers and online users at large to remember that they are not alone when it comes to dealing with the unholy trinity.

She then asked them to find solace in people who have fought the fight and won.

She stressed the importance of being kind to yourself as you work on letting go of things one by one and refusing to carry the shame until finally you are free of society's perception of how life out to be.

The human rights activist also pointed out the importance of turning to the Holy Trinity when walking said journey.

"If you are carrying the unholy trinity, shame, guilt and judgement, I want you to know that you are among many... some of whom have navigated these and some who continue to be pulled back by these experiences.

"It may sound simplistic, even though it surely is not but you can CHOOSE to say, 'I'm going to get through these emotions and feelings and I will carry them less and less everyday until my new reality is nestled in joy, peace and love,' I also believe in the Holy Trinity and that turning our attention to that as we heal is critical," Janet penned.

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