Njambi: My baby daddy threatened to send home my corpse

Njambi's baby daddy allegedly brought in someone new the day she left her marriage.

• Njambi says she was once slapped in front of her kids.

• Her baby daddy would also threaten to kill her severally.

was suicidal after her second baby daddy became abusive.
Actress Njambi was suicidal after her second baby daddy became abusive.
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 Kenyan actress Njambi also known as Njeri Gachomba has opened up about battling suicidal thoughts.

This is because she was in an abusive come-we-stay in relationship with her second baby daddy known as Nelson.

Speaking during a candid interview with Mungai Eve, she said

"It got to a point when I became suicidal. I would go for three weeks without talking to someone.

A friend of mine kept checking up on me to see if I am doing OK."

Njambi added

I was bitter, There was a time I found out he was cheating via text.

 I approached him and the confrontation became chaotic I hid in a bedroom.

 I lit a mattress before my daughter knocked on the door and asked me what was burning, I came back to reality.

He was very dramatic and said that I wanted to kill him and the kids."

Njambi says she was often pissed over the fact that her baby daddy would go away for days.

"He would sometimes go for even 5 days and he did not want to be asked where he was."

left her baby daddy after he became abusive.
Rhok actress Njambi left her baby daddy after he became abusive.

Her baby daddy once beat her so badly because of chatting with male friends.

"One day he beat me up while sitting on me.

He used to threaten me that I would be taken home as a corpse.

I took a boda from my house to my mum's place. I got panic attacks."


"I had left the kids at my house.

I went to the cops but they told me they never interfere with family affairs."

The actress says what hurt her most was that he brought in someone else the same day she left

"The day I left my marriage my baby daddy brought someone else.

He went around telling people that I was a hoe.

He never wanted me to go to the gym or the salon as he feared I met attract other me.

Njambi has finally been reunited with her kids.

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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