Endowarrior, Njambi Koikai, is fighting back claims that she tried to commit suicide. The former The Trend presenter posted a message on her Instagram page refuting the malicious rumour that had been published in one online blog.

Using her Instagram page, the reggae aficionado revealed that she had been enjoying a wonderful evening with her mom only to see the callous rumour floating online.

She then asked the person peddling the hurtful and shocking news to be cautious and exercise wisdom, writing,

"I'm just having a beautiful evening with my mom and someone somewhere is writing such horrible stories. This is very wrong. Whoever it is writing these stories, please be cautious and engage wisdom in what you're doing."

She prayed that God would embarrass the thoughts and intentions of the person who had written the hateful article, adding,

"This is uncouth and uncalled for surely. Please give me a break. I'm living my life, working, minding my own business, rebuilding my life, and always grateful to God for another chance at life. This is horrible but watch what God is going to do in my life. To the writer, may God embarrass your wicked intentions and thoughts on my life." 

The sad trend of killing celebrities and famous people before their time has been going on with the advent of the internet, moreso with the proliferation of social media.

Pole Njambi for this madeness.

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