Njambi: I stayed in an abusive marriage to avoid being a single mum

Njambi and her allegedly abusive baby daddy have one child together.

• Njambi says she started projecting her frustrations on her kids and that is when she decided to leave.

• Njambi and her allegedly abusive baby daddy have one child together.

left her baby daddy after he became abusive.
Rhok actress Njambi left her baby daddy after he became abusive.

Actress Njeri Gachomba known by many as Njambi says she would sometimes go to work with a black eye.

She recently left her baby daddy saying he is abusive and very insecure.

Njambi says she would lie to protect her baby daddy hoping he would change. Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve she narrated

" One day I went out with my friends and when I came back my phone had gone off.

When I came back he demanded it and started looking for evidence because he thought I was out with a man.

When he failed to get any evidence he hit my eye with the phone. I had a black eye for a month."

Njeri says he lied about the injuries so many times.

"I had been booked for a radio interview and I had to go with shades. The radio host asked me severally if I was being abused so that she could find me help but I brushed it off.

There was a scene where I shot with a black eye.

I tried protecting him so much."

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Njambi says that she thought he would change

"90% of him was good so I thought I could deal with it. Whenever he beat me he would buy me a gift.

I had never wanted to be a single mother of two so that's why I stayed.

The issue was always my phone.

I would get cheating cases on him but I always justified for him by saying he is a man.

 The first time he beat me I told my best friend."


"Sometimes he would call my friends while beating me up. Every time he beat me he would threaten to kill me or destroy my face."

Njambi says that at some point she decided to leave the relationship mentally before she finally decided to leave for good.

She says the kids did not know what was going on except for one instance when she was slapped in front of the kids.

"I had to talk to them for trauma purposes."

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