Kenya's Rock music fans petition return of X FM

Fans are creating an X FM playlist and sharing for music lovers

•Fans are reminiscing 105.5 FM the frequency for the station

• X Fm is also trending on Instagram

xfm rock music on xfm
rock musician xfm rock music on xfm

Rock music fans have been spending the past couple of days reminiscing the old days when they tuned in to 105.5 FM to listen in.

Many of them are saying they miss the vibes it offered Kenyans especially early in the morning.

Kenyans are also making a playlist of the music they preferred on the station.

What's more, a petition to return the station has been lodged.

Kenyans online are citing several reasons for this that the 254 is in an era of overplaying bongo, amapiano, and local and so another genre is needed. They are saying that the rock music alternative made a difference back then.

One ma @BACON_and_EGGGS· got emotional saying "X FM had the best theme song played mostly rock music Nick Ndeda x Mike Mondo was the star host. Parking lot Grass was the only Kenyan rock band that made it international. They also hosted Rocktober fest every October."

Here are reactions on Twitter under the hashtag

@oti13_·These X FM stories are making me so emo like what a time to be alive

@jameskubasu· Petition to bring X FM back.

@barelyhermes·1Should I make an x fm inspired playlist too?? The ones I’m getting are pretty chaotic

@NyokabiWainaina· This whole Rock talk got me thinking about all the rock shows I tuned into apart from X FM. There was Capital FM's The Fuse, HBR had Radical Rock with Taylor, there was The Rumble on *STV guys? Not to mention the gigs and Choices had one every week

@NMitau· That relationship with X FM was so good we have never moved on ! Damn y’all!!

@tishieeee· This X FM trend is getting me emotional

@seal_var·Hio X fm ilikufa natural radio death lack of audience. But the way the 50 people who used to listen to it bring it up on twitter every year unaweza dhani the whole of Nairobi misses it.

@w4mbui·Ningekuwa DJ ama Event Planner ningetake advantage of the current XFM nostalgic hype niset up something for the fans

@ETHANKIPCHUMBA1·I didn’t know that many people listened to X FM. They need to make a comeback fr!

@AlWandaabz· X FM was my beacon home… I remember being in high school in the forest in baringo. On closing day in the jav home we used to play mixes from flash disks. But it would get to after Kinungi and as we got closer to Nairobi, X FM would start working and I’d know I’m home

@NyamburrraaThat 105.5 XFM trend on Instagram is the best thing ever!!! BRING BACK XFM !!! Or at least a rock concert, pls!

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