'I am a Gospel artist' -Stivo Simple Boy

Simple boy tells Kenyans that he is a gospel artist


• He urged Kenyans to listen to 'Freshi Barida' lyrics and confirm whether the song is gospel or not.

• Simple insists that just because he does songs on love and relationships does not mean he is not a gospel artist.

during and interview with Mpasho.
Stivo Simple Boy during and interview with Mpasho.

Stivo simple boy a Kenyan artist said that he is a Gospel artist.

The Freshi Barida star said that the music he has been releasing all through is gospel music.

"I am a gospel artist, Freshi Barida is a gospel song," He said.

Speaking to Presenter Ali simple Boy insisted that the lyrics to Freshi Barida are preaching the gospel and that people should listen to it carefully.

"You should go ahead and listen to the song, the lyrics are purely saint and gospel," He stated.

This was after Stivo Simple boy spoke on how he is a staunch Christian and how he believes in the word.

He continued to say that he has no problem if his music is played in clubs.

"I have no problem with my music being played in the clubs, Jesus Christ came to save the sinners and so that's the plan," He said.

When asked why there haven't been any gospel artists featured in his music simply said that he has reached out but they are still indecisive.

"The gospel artist is still thinking about it if they are gospel artist," He commented.

Simple insists that just because he does songs on love and relationships does not mean he is not a gospel artist.

"You can't conclude that I am not a gospel artist because I do lovey-dovey songs, even in the bible the book of Psalms they talk about love."

Stivo simple boy said that he has a lot under his sleeves and his fans should anticipate new music from him.

" I have new music that I have been working on and my fans will enjoy it," He said.

The music project that stivo has planned is the type of music that no one has heard from him ever and he is anticipating Kenyan's reaction.

" The new music is different from what I do, it's the first type of style that Kenyan artists have never experimented with, you just have to wait and hear," He concluded.

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