3 Kenyans who should be considered for the Education docket

George Magoha has advised the next CS to have certain expectations

• This list of individuals have a passion for the job.

• Whoever takes over from him should not focus on office work solely.

at KNEC headquarters during the release of the 2021 KCSE results on April,23,2022
Education CS George Magoha at KNEC headquarters during the release of the 2021 KCSE results on April,23,2022
Image: Mercy Mumo

Outgoing Education CS George Magoha has advised whoever will be replacing him in the next Government that the job requires a person of strong character.

On Monday August 22, Magoha while addressing the press told that whoever takes over from him should not focus on office work solely.

Magoha was speaking at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development on Monday August 22 said

"Work is not at Jogoo House, it's out in the field. If you sit in the office and wait for reports you'll be surprised," Magoha said.

He also pretty much repeated the same when he was releasing KCPE 2021 results at Mtihani House in March, Magoha said Jogoo House is not for the faint-hearted.

He noted that his successor should know that running the Education ministry is not a walk in the park.

“All these preparations make me comfortable that my successor will find a good script to follow in the implementation of CBC,” the CS said.

“This ministry is not for the faint-hearted; starting from Jogoo House to the field to your house,” the CS told his would-be successor.

He said the Jubilee administration ensured integrity in the examination process and asked the incoming team to maintain the set standards, if not make them better.

“I am proud of my record and remain confident that the lady or gentleman who will come after me will find a comfortable place to continue from,” Magoha said.

Here are individuals who would make great Education CSs despite their controversies

1. Babu Owino

Forget his scandals and focus on his passion for all things education.

Mr. Owino is highly educated, telling us he would push for development in the next Government would he be considered.

The Embakasi elect MP is on his second term as area MP. He has severally shown his degrees, spending many years in school.

His degrees are just as impressive as Magoha's - 7 degrees, 2 PHDs, and several diplomas.

waving at a crowd
Babu Owino waving at a crowd
Image: Instagram

2. Kivutha Kibwana

The outgoing Governor for Makueni has always impressed Kenyans with pictures baby sitting for students who need to sit their exams. He has not been ashamed to share pictures with babies on his back with a shuka, telling us he is passionate about education.

He has an understanding of young people and this ideally makes him a good candidate to be considered.

3. Former aspiring Presidential candidate Mohamed Abduba Diba

He is also a former teacher and a ripe candidate to be considered for the education docket.

Diba taught English Literature and Religion at Lenana School and Daadab Secondary School at the refugee camp. In 2013.

The fact that he worked with the less fortunate tells us he will endeavor to improve education standards going by the expectations of citizens.

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