List of content creators & comedians trying the musical waters

Content creation on different social platforms has brought to the limelight many that we celebrate today.

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• The likes are Terence Creative, Kabi Wa Jesus, and Diana Daisy have joined the music industry 

• Most of them started off as content creators or comedians 

Terence Creativem Mammitto Eunice and Awinja
Terence Creativem Mammitto Eunice and Awinja Terence Creativem Mammitto Eunice and Awinja
Image: Instagram

Content creation on different social platforms has brought to the limelight a good number of  stars that we celebrate today.

Later on, some have opted to spread out by venturing into other things, and a few have chosen to try out the musical waters.

Today, we shine the spotlight on content creators and comedians who are joined the music industry -releasing some trendy hit songs. 

1. Terrence Creative,  Jacky Vike, and Mammito Eunice

You have probably heard of Maua Ya Express Way, the song has garnered over 450k views in a span of two weeks.

Many have been inspired to create songs with the same vibe as MC Njagi did with Kipara ya Chebukati.

The song was strategic as it addresses social evils and how they should dry up like the expressway flowers.

Netizens were thrilled as they wrote;

Catherine Nyakanini: OMG! These 3 should never be left together without supervision.

Joan Ogina: Fellow Kenyans, our first Grammy is coming home. That Pifwo shout-out was my favorite random part

Annastacia Kirigo: Woke up feeling a bit stressed today...boom opened YouTube and this just made my day haven't laughed this hard in a while...all my favorite peeps doing their thing


2. Diana Daisy, Jasper Murume, and Prof. Hamo

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Before clicking to watch, one can already tell it's a hot mess loading.

The three air their grievances on how they have not gotten spouses despite their numerous efforts.

In the end, Prof Hamo is heard saying that reality struck so hard until they wrote a song and that people should not mistake it for comedy.

Netizens were all exhilarated as they gathered in the comment section;

Everline Mueni: Wueh Kenya the home of hot madness anyway it's hot madze

Esther Shikoday: You guys U nailed it Wuuueeeeh

Princess Suzan: This Life is never that serious

Liz Nzembi: let me find a safe place so that I can cry in peace, hii song ni yangu akii

3. Kabi Wa Jesus

To download the song sms skiza 8080619 to 811 Kabi went to studio and did this song lol

Several years ago (10 years) the content creator extraordinaire, did a song titled Bonoko, that people came to realize later on that it was the now transformed Kabi Wa Jesus.

Five years ago he thought it was wise to go back to the studios and create Mtashtuka, where he was singing about how he would do great things.

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