• Isha will be hosting a breakup party.

• It will be held on Friday 5th August, at Golden Ice Bistro Nairobi.

Isha Raffi and Ezra FBI

Isha Raffi has taken things a notch higher as she is going to be hosting a breakup party after her split a month ago with her ex-lover, Ezra FBI.

Isha shared a catchy poster on her Instagram stories where she captioned, "Kupendana raha, kuwachana sherehe."

The breakup party is set to be held on Friday 5th August, at Golden Ice Bistro Nairobi. Her friends convened on her platform to pass their congratulatory messages;

Aquacarmellia: congratulations my babe

Nix-atile: All roads lead to @goldenicebistro_on Friday to celebrate @Isha Raffi. Am happy for you boo

Affordable_ perfumes_ke: Welcome to Nairobi Kupendana raha, kuwachana sherehe.

Iam_bee_diego2: (laughing emojis) @Isha Raffi. Okrrrrr

Aisha _Opisa: Ok, Friday tunafika golden ice

Kirui Irene: This Friday we celebrate you babe, Kupendana raha, kuwachana pia raha bwana.

Isha and Ezra seem to be in a tag of war as a post of Aisha and a Caucasian man surfaced only hours after Ezra had introduced his new girlfriend. Netizens had a few hilarious comments on the same.

Sidi. beauty: When they go high we go higher 

aurelia the boss lady: If moving on was a person 😂😂go gal ❤️❤️❤️

ess_miss: Too Global to be local

_Uranium_irl: Compe ya kumove on ni stiff😂😂

_Lo_renzo: Masaa ni machache

laurecia-loh: Omo this one is finest than that Ex 🤭

Wanjira_k: Tuki endelea vizuri 😅

lizky sein: Heeeh jackpot 🔥

Vannesa Helsing Vee: Eishhhh upgrade immediately🔥🔥❤️❤️

I am hudhey faabdullahi: comeback design ya benzema ..

Diana dee: Weeuh lanes than the other one 😍🔥

It seemed a happily ever after as the two went to Dubai accompanied by some of their close friends for a holiday getaway.

Ezra and Isha
Image: Dubai

Only to turn out that the whole trip was organized just so that Ezra could propose to his ex-fiancé.  Ezra took it on his Instagram to announce as he captioned,

Now you know why we had to go to Dubai 😊 Ezra & Isha forever ❤️💍” 

Things nevertheless seemed to take a different turn as netizens noticed that they had unfollowed each other on their social media platforms.

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