• Raila Odinga is married to his long life partner Idah Odinga.

• Raila and Idah Odinga have four kids namely the late Fidel,Raila Jnr, Winnie and Rosemary Odinga.

Azimio Presidential Candidate
Raila Odinga Azimio Presidential Candidate
Image: Twitter

Azimio Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga left tongues wagging after professing his love for a Kiambu woman.

Don't get it twisted Baba is still happily married to Idah.

The woman in question was a fan of Raila Odinga.

During a campaign trial, the woman was heard telling Raila Odinga that she loves him.

To which the veteran politician responded

"Asante, I love you too."

In an interview with KTN, Raila Odinga revealed that he met Ida while he was a lecturer at Nairobi university and way before he had joined active politics.

According to the CORD leader, he and his cousin had gone to visit Ida's brother who lived in Pangani estate then.

When they got there, they found Ida and her sisters, they were having a family get-together at the time.

While he was instantly captivated, Ida says she never thought of anything beyond just friendship.

Raila Odinga hatched a plan to meet Ida again and pour out his heart to her.

Raila married Ida Oyoo Odinga on September 1 1973.

A few weeks ago Raila exited netizens after a video of him and Congolese star Mbilia Bel dancing went viral.

The musician was introduced by Raila who told his supporters that he had come with a surprise visitor to entertain them.

He stated that the musician was his friend and had come to help Azimio rally its supporters to come out and vote for him in large numbers.

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