Vivian breaks silence after alleged break up with bf Sam West

Vivian has a daughter from a previous union while Sam has a son

• Vivian is married to Sam West who also doubles up as her music manager.

• The couple have two kids , one each from their previous unions.

Sam West and his wife Vivianne
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist Vivian has broken her silence weeks after it was rumoured that she had broken up with her husband, Sam West.

A few months ago Vivian was rumoured to have parted ways with her manager and husband over irreconcilable differences.

She has now shut critics by taking to her socials to celebrate her man.

"Sina story mob. Simply Speaking more blessings over Mr. West who is very dear to me. And who I’m so blessed to know. We’ve walked together in great and not-so-great seasons but God’s love continues to sustain both of us 😊🙏. Msalimieni sana."

In a different post, Vivian hinted that she had been battling depression. Vivian says she has been fighting different battles.

"Today I speak as 1 out of millions of very strong women. Intelligent, driven, ambitious you get the drift. Some of you can tell that something happened externally that forced an internal shift within me. If God wills I will soon share what transpired."

The mother of one added that despite being a public figure she was also fighting silent battles.

"I have been a powerful force but I have been a powerless one at the same time. I have been driven and ambitious yet broken and angry. I have beaten many odds but I have also beaten myself up to depression at the same time."

Vivian says the situation has made her develop a closer relationship with God.

"All my life has been about searching for answers and I reached the breaking point and it became a life or death decision.

 In all truth, I am not seeking sympathy or pity. 

I am sharing a simple story needed for me and you in this generation. I have seen God fight for my life and I have been stubborn, yet His love for me remains overwhelming. That’s all."


Happy New Month❤️. If you wish for a happy full life, open your heart, read the word, and pray for support. He will find you. He loves you and He sees you #Vivian’sVisionaryHealing"

Vivian has in June told off people who think her marriage is perfect.

“Social media couples have created illusions of perfect marriages which we feel are quite misleading.. To be honest we have ignored each other’s needs in our union. Expectations and control took over our relationship.”

Speaking of many difficult situations in marriages she urges all her fans to remember the family in prayers.

“We are in a tough space and to be honest we are hoping we will overcome the current challenge. Hii sio Kiki. For those who love even one of us remember us in your prayers. May Gods will be done.”

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