Her time will come-Amber Ray and her boyfriend attend friends wedding

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo are in Naivasha

• Amber revealed it was for a friend's wedding, not hers.

• The duo teased us they could be walking down the aisle soon.

at the wedding
Kennedy with Amber Ray at the wedding
Image: Instagram

On Thursday, July 28, socialite Amber Ray and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo went to Naivasha. The duo successfully fooled their fans into thinking that it could be for their own wedding.

Amber and Kennedy entertained us with videos and pictures preparing for a big day. It turns out they are in Naivasha for a close friend's wedding.

Their intentions became clear when we saw best friend Phoina's Instagram page that Amber Ray was attending a wedding where Phoina was a bridesmaid.

Later Amber Ray and Kennedy revealed it was a fellow makeup artiste's wedding.

The beautiful wedding went down on Friday, July 29 afternoon in a beautiful resort where Amber and Kennedy showed off their love.

This is also the second time Amber and her former BFF Phoina are publicly reuniting. Amber in June had extended an olive branch to Phoina saying she missed her girl.

Phoina responded and urged Amber to plan a date. Indeed they met and clubbed together like the BFFs they used to be.

Meanwhile, Amber gushed to Kennedy about how he is her peace and she is enjoying being loved as their romance heats up.

"There's a certain level of peace that comes with being sure about someone. Whether it's being sure about their intentions, their role in your life, or their character... It's freeing and comforting to know that what you see is what you get, and their actions match their words."

Her boyfriend responded, thanking her for the beautiful message, "You've turned my life 🔄⬆⬇ 😍"

On Thursday, Kennedy had excited people with a message hinting that perhaps it was their big day. He captioned a video fo Amber in a cute red gown, "Anyways this is just but a rehearsal for the big day."

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