•Amber was in a come we stay arrangement with his baby daddy for eight years who made her pregnant immediately after high school.

•She used to do odd jobs such as selling milk,matumbo and cereals in Nairobi.

Amber Ray
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If you frequent social media pages, you must have come across Amber Ray at some point.

Amber, who is also known as Faith Makau is a Kenyan socialite popularly seen in social media platforms where she shares photos and videos of herself living a lavish lifestyle.

She is a Fashion consultant, businesswoman and a model.Amber Ray was born on 3rd November in 1992 in Machakos County, Kenya.

Information about her educational background,she went to Kinyui Girls Secondary school for her form one where she was expelled for sneaking out of school to go for a party.

Her tough military dad took her to form two in a school which is not mentioned in Kayole where the dad felt the environment was 'spoiling her'.

She was later taken to Kivandini Secondary school in Kitui and eventually finished her secondary school.She never managed to join college, citing financial issues since her father lost his job in the military for years,she said during recent interviews.

Her career journey is seen where she found passion in fashion and used that as an opportunity to monetize it and got her way through.

Strategically she promotes and markets her business herself by how she dresses and impresses her viewers.

Over the years she has grown herself as a brand where she managed to get a large fan base like on Instagram where she currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

She uses this opportunity to help market all the brands she is endorsed to like all things face and others.By being a positive influencer,she charges a pricey amount to anyone who wants their product and services promoted on her pages.

She once revealed that she has done a number of jobs in between before reaching where she is today.In different interviews she mentioned that she has sold cereals,tripe (matumbo) and was once head of customer service at e citizen.

In a recent interview,socialite Amber Ray said her first salary was 13,000 Kenya shillings where she worked as a waitress in a Nairobi casino.

Amber Ray's love life has for a long time been the talk of town Because of her shenanigans in switching between men .

She has had numerous previous lovers in the past that have had equitable share of dramatic experiences.She is carefree and is not ashamed of introducing her new lovers to the public.

She is known to only date men who are stinking rich and who possess big names.She has been married to

Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda as a second wife, who is a politician.Their marriage of three years has been a strained relationship as Amber Ray was accused by the first wife for practicing witchcraft on her husband to break her home.

She responded to the accusations and said that she was playing character on television.Later she vowed never to be a second wife.

She dated a string of guys where Jimal roho safi was one of them,married her and became the second wife.

She and Amira brought drama that made traffic on the internet where Amber Ray chose to call it quits.She revealed she was done dating local men and wanted to try her luck internationally.

The socialite dated Sierra Leonean basketballer Kabba for two months before breaking up and hooked up with businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

Amberray and Kennedy are still a thing.Apparently he is believed to be from Kenya.

Her net worth,Faith Makau has a net worth of $3 Million/326 million. She is seen to live in a posh luxurious home and drives multi million worth of vehicles and travel to leisure destinations to have fun,expensive foods and skin care routine.

Some of the facts you didn't know about Amber are;

  • His dad is an ex-military officer who lost his job when Amber Ray was joining form one.
  • Amber was in a come we stay arrangement with his baby daddy for eight years who made her pregnant immediately after high school.
  • One of her exes trying to win her back bought her a first car Toyota demio even before she had known how to drive,the then boyfriend counter bought her a Toyota mark x which led to the ex taking back the demio after she failed to go back to him.
  • She used to do odd jobs such as selling milk,matumbo and cereals in Nairobi.
  • She is a survivor of domestic violence,her baby daddy and eight years relationship boyfriend almost killed her after he confronted over cheating.
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