•Amber has been instructed to cover up

•Amber was not very happy being ordered around by her bae

Kennedy Rapudo
Amber Ray and her new flame Kennedy Rapudo
Image: courtesy


Amber's new boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo does not want her to display her assests on Instagram.

Amber loves to take her fans through her shower routine and process, which includes applying body scrub, twerking and revealing what her baby suckled.

Amber and Kennedy took off to Mombasa for a baecation on Wednesday July 13th, and she has documented the journey.

The couple arrived to their airbnb and we got a feel of the luxury in the room and bathroom.

Later at night, she did her routine shower.

But boyfriend Kennedy interrupts her when she opens up her gown that was revealing her assets.

He pulls it back to cover her up and she looks on amused.

Amber Ray captions the moment "How will I tease online with all these restrictions?"

Socialite Amber Ray
amber ray showers in publuic Socialite Amber Ray

Kennedy walks off camera and she obeys his instructions.

Amber then tells women that men love women with smooth skin.

"Mwanamke ni ngozi nyororo ni one thing, si ati akikuguza anaskia ni kama mwananume mwenzake. Tujipende jameni."

Kennedy was introduced to us in June after a bitter feud with her Sierra Leonian bae IB Kabba.

Kabba accused Amber Ray of juju among other terrible things.

“I feel sorry for anyone getting my ex. I hope you can clean her up tell her to take a shower all the time and stop living fake life on social media,” he wrote.

Kennedy shared a picture of the two of them referring to the moment as a bonnie and clyde type of thing.

He wrote, "Partners in crime."

Moments later, Amber posted a different photo of her and Kennedy where she was seen pretending to fix his shirt with the caption, "It's the dimple for me."

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