• Kaka's wife Nana was there to support him.

• Nana struggled through the premier over a sad memory.

King Kaka and Nana Owiti
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Nana Owiti , the wife of rapper King Kaka was deeply troubled during the premiere of his first movie Kamtupe.

Kamtupe premiered five days ago much to the excitement of his lovely wife Nana, however, there was one detail that threatened her happiness on that day.

Nana has penned how she was marking her late mum's 15-death anniversary at the same time the film Kamtupe was premiering.

"On Friday(the same day @kamtupefilm premiered marked 15yrs since her departure. It was a big day for King so we chose to smile through it all also we’ve come to just embrace it as a celebration of life 🥂 of course! There are hard days... Yes, I cried that morning because grief is love really, all the love you want to give but you just CANNOT, and grieving can’t ever stop. Grief is the ultimate price we pay for love. But Grief is about acceptance and successful absorption. You can’t just finish grieving and cannot move on from grief,instead you endure 😣 and learn to live with the absence of the physical and the memories become the only thing you hold on to."

Following her mum's passing, Nana was left to take care of her sister who was 9 years at the time. The struggle to fit in her mother's shoes caused the grief to become worse.

"Look at us standing there in blinking horror staring at the empty hole that is our life. The dawn of a new reality and new normal in its wake... Body shock all over. Our hearts are crushed, wounded, and heavier than lead. Our eyes saddened 😭 , our minds troubled, our thoughts deep 😟, our throats plagued with the big lumps, our chests with the voids, our fingers fidgety, our bodies restless, our feet shaky...There I was.. a teenager thrown into the limbo of not only raising myself but quickly fitting into my mother’s shoes by raising a 9yr old and taking care of a home."

Though those dark days are not completely behind her, Nana and her sister Portia soldier on without mum.

" We don’t always say goodbye. Cherish the moments. Make memories coz after all is said and done. That's what will be left when someone goes to the other side. Also, trauma permanently changes us. You will never be the old you FULL STOP. To all those that beat trauma, You are a WINNER. It’s not easy,I know but Aluta Continua. Anyway, We did it, Mom. I know we make you proud mwiitu wa Nzomo. I just know.."

If you are a movie fan, Kamtupe is a thrilling story about a government official trying to locate his relative in the wrong neighbourhood one night. 

The film is fused with music that features King Kaka, Otile Brown, Femi One, Kanambo Dede, Ndume, Mbithi & Jadi.

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