• Amber Ray is not playing around in her online war with ex, Kabba.

• Amber is retaliating after Kabba attacked her severally on social media.

at a past date
IB Kabba with Amber Ray at a past date
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray has been in various relationships but her latest one seems like it didn´t end well. Amber was dating a Sierra Leone man identified as Kabba and the two have since been shading each other after their short relationship.

Well, in a post that seemed to be directed to the ex, Amber alleged she broke up with him since he was broke and not her type.

Amber added that she was going to get an upgrade from him and she would live happily ever after.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but…The woman who didn't marry you because you were poor or not her type, will most likely find a good nice man who fits her criteria and live happily ever after."

Amber added;

"No, she won't suffer or regret. Stop watching too many Sierra Leone movies."

with her ex-boyfriend Kabba
Amber Ray with her ex-boyfriend Kabba
Image: Instagram

Just recently, Kabba alleged that she has used Juju on her.

"I'm a free man like Mandela. The juju didn't stay long on me thanks God for helping me." The Sierra Leonean wrote.

In his post, he went on to swear how he would never to go to Kambaland;

"I wonder why a lot of people out there think that is only men that use women, women are very very dangerous. Right now Kambaland is the place I will never want to visit in my life there is something about that place that is not right."

He then alleged that the veteran socialite does not shower.

“That’s nothing to be proud of by the way. I have been there dear, I am not jealous by the way. I have moved on just to clear the air,” she responded.

The mother of one has always attracted a lot of drama especially surrounding her romantic relationships.

At the moment we are not sure if she is dating...

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