Photo-Former Machachari actor, Almasi, officiates wedding

Ian Nene has done his first jib as a wedding officiant

• Ian Nene shared pictures of the beautiful ceremony.

• The former child actor enjoys meditation and yoga.

former Machachari actor Almadi
Ian Nene wedding former Machachari actor Almadi

Ian Nene aka Almasi has delightfully shared an experience where he officiated a wedding. The former child actor lives abroad and is often seen in the company of meditation and yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

Nene captioned a series of pictures writing,

"Highlight of this weekend was officiating the wedding ceremony of these two Love birds - Mel and Royce ❤️❤️ And my most beautiful Kishor sealed the deal for these two - Eternal Love and Connection in Service ☺️🥰✨ (Swipe Left to see Him🙈💕) Always remind yourself…

I am made of LoveI am made to give LoveI am made to receive LoveOh Krsna, Who Forever Love’s teach me how to Love You And maintain me in Your Loving Service ❤️✨" he added.

The lifestyle he has adopted has seen him be criticized by Kenyans critical of his change.  Nene is living his life unapologetically and says his unorothodox lifestyle is none of our business. His spirituality has also been questioned and on one Instagram post, Nene said

"One of my mentors shared this powerful statement… When an overwhelming amount of negative vibes come your way…Go and Kiss the SunBreathe the AirChant, “I Am Not The Controller” Experience Freedom."

After spending time as a celebrity actor in Kenya, Ian wanted to come away from the fast lane and reconnect with his true authentic self.

Ian has spent multiple years as a monk diving deeper into meditation, self-awareness, and spirituality.

Most Hindus are vegetarians and they consider the cow to be a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. 

They worship the animal, and Alamsi has been posting photos posing next to cows, 'praising' them. "Sweet connecting with Cows and Mother Earth." 

Ian Nene, who currently resides in London, United Kingdom disclosed that he practices Vaishnavism one of the major branches of Hinduism along with Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism.

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