Former Machachari actor speaks about his role on new show 'Salem'

• Kabugi said he took up the role once he realized he would spark a conversation about mental health in young people.

Actor Brian Kabugi
Actor Brian Kabugi
Image: courtesy

Actor and filmmaker Brian Kabugi famous for his role Kenny in  Machachari show is back on our screens.

This time, Brian is taking the role of Tito in the new drama series Salem that premiered on Maisha Magic on Monday.

Speaking to Mpasho, Kabugi said he took up the role once he realized he would spark a conversation about mental health in young people.

"Young people are underrepresented on our TV shows and people don't understand that this is the critical stage that impacts a generation," he said. 

"After programmes like Machachari, I realized that most young people no longer watch TV coz we are not represented although we are going through a lot of problems."

He said the kind of things Tito goes through in the Salem show is what he wants to advocate for as Kabugi. 

"Many young men are dealing with daddy issues and absent fathers and this is one of the major flaws of our generation," he said.

Brian says when he narrates the role to his friends, they relate to it very well.

He added that most young people suffer from toxic relationships with their fathers.

"They think I Know their lives. Personally, it has affected me. Unless we have proper fathers as father figures, we will continue complaining about young men being crooks. They are not respecting women. How will we be in a position to teach these young men how to respect women?" Kabugi posed. 

The actor lost his dad at a young age and he remembers how his mum struggled to make him a better teenager. 

Topics like how liking the opposite sex could affect young people will be talked about in Salem.

"Why do young people end up in crime, and drug addiction thinking they are getting what love is."

During the launch of Salem, award-winning producer Njoki Muhoho said Salem is inspired by the reality of our world.

"The stories that we live out each day, and the tangible lives that we live. Having the opportunity to tell stories that audiences can connect with is the backbone of telling local stories," she said. 

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