SITISHIKI!! Former Machachari Actor ALMASI Finally Speaks Out On His Unorthodox Lifestyle

Piece by: Kaka Gee

Popular TV kid star Ian Nene, popularly known as Almasi for his former roles in Citizen TV's program Machachari, has finally spoken about his adverse transformation from the 'cool kid' he was, to what he's become.

Last month, photos of him smoking like a coal locomotive, groping a girl and donning a septum ring found their way onto the internet and his fans didn't take it lightly!!

Addressing the issues raised, the actor (who now resides in a small village in Kent, England) took to his blog to talk about the backlash he was met with after Kenyan blogs seemed to judge even his sexuality from his social media photos.

He said:

"A group of people felt the need to filter through my social media accounts and take all my racy and unorthodox photos, compile them and create articles that paint me in a negative light. Knowing the way social media works, they most definitely got their views and ratings at an all time high, all by spreading negative comments, hinting towards me being a ‘good kid gone bad’ and others, going to the extent of even creating speculations about my sexuality!"

He added that as soon as the posts were released to the public, some people chose to hurt him by telling him "the most hurting things ever." (sic)

"It’s crazy how someone can spend so much time writing paragraphs on paragraphs of how much counselling and help one needs, going on to state how much of a total waste I am and other nasty shit. I didn’t find it surprising that some of these comments came from family..."

Almasi said that soon after news about his transformation and 'recklessness' hit the internet, one of his family members gave him a phone call telling him that "I wish no one ever knew we were related."

Despite being hurt about it, he said, he took it in his stride and moved on.

"Everyone always has an opinion, that doesn’t make it the right thing. Human beings have the tendency to force their opinions and beliefs on other people and that is an endless flaw trapped in us through society," he said.