'He's is my type,' Video vixen in Rayvanny's new music video gushes

Video vixen in ' Te Quiero' speaks on dating life

• Rayvanny is dating Paula Kajala.

• Rayvanny's bae Paula Kajalla and Dolly Restie are friends.

The video vixen in Rayvanny's music video 'Te Quiero'
Dolly Restie The video vixen in Rayvanny's music video 'Te Quiero'
Image: Instagram

Dolly Restie,the video vixen in Rayvanny's latest music video has opened up on her close resemblance to Rayvanny's ex Fahima.

Speaking during an interview with Rick Media, she said,

"I have never seen her but people say we look alike."

How did she meet Rayvanny?

'I was the director's choice. I was so excited when I finally met Rayvanny. But I think we killed it. Rayvanny is my type but I am not single, I am currently dating. I love a dark guy, not skinny and a little bit taller than me.


"In relationships, one might have a list of things she wants. But if God takes you to a man you love but he has nothing close to the qualities you wanted."

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After Rayvanny's break up, Fahima confessed that she was still in love with the singer;

"Simchukii. Nampenda sana. Anajua hivyo na sidhani kuwa ananichukia. Ananipenda pia sana coz we are good friends. Hamna njia yoyote ambayo tunaweza kuwa maadui. Lazima tuwe tu good friends maana kuna kitu ambacho kinatuunganisha; mtoto wetu. (I don't hate him. I love him so much. He knows that and I also don't think he hates me. We are friends. There is no way we can ever be enemies. We have to be friends since our baby is the reason for our bond)."

Fahima in a past post said she has been through a lot.

"I thank God for everything He's done to my life. It wasn't easy as I went through tough times when I was younger. Never did I give up. By God's grace, I fought. Wisdom, knowledge, and patience are my sword."

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