'You found a new man...' Diddy to ex Cassie

Diddy thanks his mother and his ex Cassie for BET win


• Cassie first met Diddy when she was signed to the music legend’s label, Bad Boy Records. 

•Diddy and Cassie dated on and off for 10 years.

P- Diddy posing.
A photo of P- Diddy posing.
Image: Instagram

The BET has given Diddy his flowers, he was crowned with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Diddy gave his speech he mentioned a couple of people who he appreciates for being in his life; he thanked his mother, the late Kim Porter, and his ex Cassie.

“Also Cassie for holding me down during dark times,” Diddy stated.

Cassie is an actress and musician, she first met Diddy when she was signed to the music legend’s label, Bad Boy Records.

They started dating in 2007, and the couple dated on and off for 10 years until they split up.

Cassie was looking forward to getting married as the years went by but Diddy never made any moves on her.

Cassie eventually started dating her then trainer Alex Fine they later got married and had kids of their own.

The hip-hop mogul said he felt betrayed by Cassie as he suspected that she had been cheating on him with a trainer that he hired.

Diddy did a song on their breakup with Cassie ‘Gotta move on’ featuring Bryson Tiller where he addressed 2018 split up.

‘You found a new man, so I gotta move on. Guess you got a new agenda, with someone you barely know. I won’t say you’re wrong.

Guess you had to move on.’Diddy sang.

The internet was surprised by what Diddy said and congratulated him on thanking Cassie after their messy breakup.

Later during the night, Diddy performed ‘I’ll be missing you’ featuring Faith Evans he dedicated the song to the late Kim Porter the mother of his children.

Porter passed on, as she had Lobar pneumonia in 2018.

Diddy received a tribute performance by Jodeci who delivered an amazing performance, and the queen of Hip Hop Mary J Blige who shut down the show when she performed a track produced by Diddy ‘I’m going down'.


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