Mike Mondo speaks out on being compared to Maina Kageni

• Maina Kageni is set to retire soon.

• Mike Mondo says he is happy to be compared to the talented Maina Kageni.

Mike Mondo and Maina Kageni
Image: Facebook

Radio personality Mike Mondo has responded to critics constantly comparing him to Maina Kageni.

He also responded to why he is appearing more on the Morning Show on Classic 105, a position mostly held by Maina Kageni.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi he shared

"We are trying to see how that breakfast show will be.

We are trying to see how to diversify."

How does he feel about the constant comparison?

"It's OK. I feel like it's a compliment because he is a great radio host but I will never be Maina."

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Although it is not definite many have argued Mondo is being coached to replace radio King Maina Kageni when he retires.

In 2022 Maina had vowed to retire and relocate to the US.

According to Maina, he plans on running a club in the US before he decides what the next course of his life is.

In a past radio segment on 'Maina and King'ang'i in the Morning,' he shared

"Come next year I am done.

I am retiring from this job, I plan on running a club in Miami."

Asked where he will be living, Maina says he already has a house.

"I will be living in my condor. I bought it kitambo.


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