What's wrong with marrying a divorced woman? Mike Mondo asks

• Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo asked why parents don't like their sons marrying divorced women

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

On the morning conversation, Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo asked why parents don't like their sons marrying divorced women. 

He asked;

"Apparently parents want their divorced daughters to remarry but they don't want their son to marry a divorced woman."

Adding "Why? What's wrong with marrying a divorced woman? Because I see nothing wrong with it." 

Check out reactions from X.

MC Tonje: Mike I want to second you strongly; because it didn't work in the previous union , doesn't mean it can't work in another union because the latter is always unique and different in it's own way. Things change people change

Rosemary Kanyua: Perfect song for today's discussion "Since I've gotten older I've realized we all care about things that don't really matter. We're just told it does" Happiness is what matters.

Chege Jack: Even if blessings comes from parents, parent should give the son to decide.

Jennifer Kanyiri: Let not demonize divorced woman,,coz may be she got divorced from her earlier marriage due to the man being toxic/abusive etc so couldn't cope with it,,,never judge anyone blindly

Marithi Magiri: Timeless wisdom; If you are a man build yourself first. King Solomon said, build your house first. That's akin to building your career and establishing yourself first. Making the probability of your marriage to succeed very high. Getting married and building yourself is a mirage

Black Sherrif: a woman who has once moved out of marriage even if she gets married to a king chances of her walking out again are 99% @Classic105Kenya #MikeAndKingangi

Kanyiri: Kama hamtaki divorcees, then stick to your lane too,,and don't get married then divorce her, so that you don't contribute in increasing numbers of divorcees

Peter Kimatia: Women whom rejected men while in 20s coz the man had nothing nowadays they are in 50s loaded with money, single na kids with different men in a stressful world

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