Watch: Mike Mondo talks love, settling down and marriage in 2024

• The Classic105 host also addressed critics who have been attacking him over his recent antics.

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

At 42 years old, Mike Mondo has truly dove deep into his life. He has been declaring that this truly is the moment that he will make positive changes to his life.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondou Musyimi Wed Jan 17, Mondo stated that among his goals for 2024 is marriage.

He is dating content creator Shiko Nguru, who parted ways with the father of 2 of her 3 children a few years ago.

Shiko and Mike have been trending over their new relationship, with Kenyans weighing in heavily as to the appropriateness of their new romance. Telling Kalondo more about this, Mike said;

"One of the things that's happening this year is I'm gonna settle down. Number two I'm trying to improve certain areas financially. I think I've been undercover for a lot of my career. Number 3 is to just be the best version of me."

Mike will also no longer be shying away from controversy.

"I'm tired of trying to live up to expectations of people and what they want. At this point in time, this is the second half of my life."

On sitting down he shared his view explaining,

"What am I doing at 42 running around and kwani mi nakaa mbaba? Nianze kuzunguka na young girls? It's time, it's not even about being unmarried.  Settling down is a lot of things. You just calm down, you make your life a lot more calm, work on your craft, grow, and become more of an individual who has meaning and purpose in life."

He said he was also tired of partying;

"That time is done and everyone has to understand that you have a milestone, you have to achieve milestones, mine just has come at this moment." 

Mike defended their latest viral Instagram video that got criticized where Shiko opened up about Mike meeting the characteristics she has ever wanted in a man. 

They had a sit down to talk about their new romance, appraising each other on how well they have done so far. Mike has a message for critics saying,

"I encourage couples to do it. Even Jay Z and Beyonce do it. It's something new, I know it sounds weird, but sit down and you call out your boy. Like on that one I've been called out. She called me out on this one he hapo umeanguka."


"The only rule you must have hakuna makasiriko. It's not an attack so that next time you won't do it again." 

Is there a grand wedding this year?

"Ah digithia," acting coy he teased his answer to the tough question.

"Ah relax kwanza wacha tumalizane na mambo ingine alafu hiyo mambo ikiisha , you will know...You think I'm afraid to tell you? You will know, trust me but for now wacha tumalizane na whatever matters..."  he assured netizens.

Watch the video below:

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