Wealthy Joho cheekily reacts to Sonko flaunting millions

The former Mombasa governor is known for his flashy and flamboyant lifestyle

• Sonko trended for the better part of last week after flashing millions

Mike Sonko with Ali Hassan Joho
Image: Twitter

Former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has now spoken on former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko's viral video where he brandished over sh 30 million shillings.

In a clip that is doing the rounds online, a bearded friend of the wealthy Joho is seen talking about Sonko flashing the money.

He can be heard saying, 

"I saw a video of someone showing money. The person was saying, 'Pesa! Pesa! Kwani mimi sina pesa?' Wache niwaonyeshe pesa sasa."

The bespectacled man then pans his camera to Joho who is standing behind him. He then tells Joho to remove the money.

The former governor then goes into the pocket of his kanzu but comes out with nothing. A mocking Joho then acts shocked that he has nothing in his pocket.

"Ah! Ziko wapi?" he asks.  He then proceeds to check both his pockets and even turns them out showing his friend that he has nothing.

The two then start laughing before Joho's bearded friend states that his 'boss ameishiwa'.  He then brazenly suggests that they should maybe ask Sonko for a loan before the video cuts out.

Let's see how/if Sonko reacts to Joho's tongue-in-cheek video.

Sonko and Joho have had a checkered history with the two even clashing politically in the runup to the August 2022 elections.

The two beefed at a polling station on Tuesday when the voting exercise was coming to an end.

The two were moving around inspecting the voting process when they differed after they met at the Marycliff Primary School polling station.

Police intervened before the clash could escalate any further.

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